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When listing your house for sale it is important to trust your realtor’s guidance on how to get that

coveted ‘Sold’ sign up on your lot quickly. Over the years we have compiled some of the most tried and true home improvements and upgrades that can help your home stand out to potential buyers and most importantly, not break the bank. Neutralize Bold Designs This is an important pre-listing project that is not to be missed. Although you may love your moody dark feature wall, a potential buyer may not, and you surely do not want that to be the deciding factor of why someone doesn’t choose to purchase your home. Getting any bold colours painted to a neutral shade is a great idea to appeal to more people. If you hire a professional,…

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Interior decorators have many rules for creating a home that’s pleasing to the eye. But these rules are simple guidelines and you shouldn’t take them too seriously. Display what you love, use colour freely, and don’t be afraid to break the rules.


Your home should be a beautiful reflection of you! Display the story of you and where you have been. What items do you treasure? What do you collect? Find a spot where you can display


your collections with pride. What and who is important to you? Show us.


What items in your home are unique or one of a kind? What makes you different or sets you apart? Colour, colour, colour! It’s probably the most feared element in decorating. But we’ll make it easy for you - all colours go together!…

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It's time for spring cleaning, finally! Everyone is dusting off the shelves, and waiting to get back

to work! It’s awesome, but please, OH please, do NOT forget the carpet.


Even the Government of Alberta forgot to mention that carpets are, well, just yucky! Yes, they

should be part of the guidelines to safely get our livelihoods back!


Here is the jist of it:


The carpet is bacteria's favorite playground!


We don't want to over-dramatize the situation, people, we have heard all about it. But the fact is

your carpet is a hotbed of bacteria, pollen, dead skin, dust, and even insects!


No matter how much we try to prevent dirt and bacteria from coming into our homes, we can

still unknowingly introduce…

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As agents we are often asked "Why should we choose you to represent us?" Great question! Often agents will try  to over-sell them selves or guarantee things, but in truth nothing(especially now a days) is guaranteed. Whenever I get asked this, I recommend people do their research. Ask family, friends and colleagues if they have heard of a certain agent, check online, and take a drive around town to see what agents signs are out there. Have a look at their online profile on things like Instagram and Facebook to see what they are posting and if their values line up with your own. Just because you invite a realtor into your home don't feel as if you are obligated to give he/she the job, interview a couple different realtor's to see who best fits and aligns…

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Effective April 6, 2020, Canadians expect to see changes in the "Stress test" 

These changes will impact anyone getting an insured mortgage, those putting down less than 20 per cent on a new purchase.

What is changing?

Right now people getting insured mortgages must prove they can afford a payment based on the benchmark five year posted rate. The Bank of Canada calculates this rate from typical big bank rates and it’s currently sitting at 5.19 per cent.

As of April 6 2020, a new benchmark rate will be used. It’ll be based on the country’s median five-year fixed insured mortgage rate, plus two per cent. If it were in existence today, it would be about 4.89 per cent, says the Department of Finance. That’s 30 basis points less than the…

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In today's ever challenging market we are often asked "how do the housing prices stack up to year's past?" We pulled some recent stat's from the Central Alberta Real Estate Board which has sales number's on roughly 45,000 home sales over the past 10 year's and this is what we came up with. A recent slowdown in Alberta's economy has pushed the median sale price of a single family home to those of 2010 with a median sale price of about $280,000. We notice on the graph listed below that we have trended downwards in price from the peak of 2015. What does this mean?...………..

IT'S NOT ALL BAD-Yes we see homes prices trending down, but let's look at the upside. If you have been a diligent saver and your looking to enter the housing market, your buying…

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With the rainy days of spring behind us (hopefully) and summer finally here, friends and families in our area have some pretty wonderful opportunities to take part in. As many of us in central Alberta already know, the Big Valley Jamboree is a hot spot for the latest and greatest country singer's. With over 100,000 people turning the wickets daily, there truly is something for everyone at this fantastic event. The Jamboree starts on Thursday August 1st with a kickoff party featuring Brother's Osbourne and Charlie Major. The concert lasts all weekend and wont disappoint.

For the golfer in the area, there are many courses to challenge every type of player. Some of our favourites are Silver Creek Golf Course https://silvercreekgolfcourse.com/ located in…

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The government unveiled a multi-pronged approach to housing affordability that centres on the incentive plan, but beefs up an existing initiative that allows buyers to withdraw money from their RRSPs, and a variety of measures to boost the supply of homes on the Canadian market.

Opposition MPs and the real estate industry have been pleading with the government to do something to help younger buyers shut out of markets in cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. Some have suggested relaxing the mortgage stress test, which requires those seeking a loan to prove they can afford payments on a loan with interest rates two percentage points higher than the Bank of Canada rate, as a possible solution.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the government…

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Looking to escape the "Polar Vortex?" Here are some upcoming event's in our city that will help you get out of the house. 

February 15 2019

  • The Augustana Volleyball team's are in action this weekend. "Join us for the Augustana Vikings Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference Men's & Women's Volleyball Regular Season Game vs. Keyano College at the University of Alberta Augustana Campus Gymnasium! The women's game gets underway at 6pm, followed by the Men's game at 8pm!" 


  • To celebrate its 10th year, Nordlys (Norwegian for “northern lights”) will once again be showcasing an eclectic blend of award-winning films from Canada and around the world. Opening the festival is Maudie, a biographical drama about the life of Nova Scotia folk…

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Social Media...

In today's ever connected world the need for all of us to have our device on our hip 24/7 seem's to be increasing. With more and more companies going on-line and providing great content and product's readily available at the click of a mouse. It's estimated that in Canada there are over 31 million cell phone's. That's staggering!!! Yes the convenience factor is nice, there is no doubt about that, but there is still something to be said about walking main street on a cool fall day with a coffee and loved one in hand and "window shopping." We get so hyped up about missing a deal online, or the latest gossip story that pop's up on our browser, that we are slowly forgetting about the simple thing's in life, the less complicated…

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